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Seek A Barrier-Free Communication Diligently
With the ambition of being concentrated and specialized and keeping on moving, Zitong Translation (ZTT) provides the clients with accurate and professional translations constantly.

Zitong Translation Team is affiliated to Wuhan Zitong Info-Tech Co., Ltd. Zitong Translation Team, which could date back to 2013, has been engaged in the translation of patents and medical documents for nearly 10 years. Our team, composed of patent agents, doctors, masters, professors, and senior language translators, etc., rises to each challenge enthusiastically.

Customized solutions -- We have been developing in the direction of concentration and specialization all through the way, and have built an excellent team involving client management, project management, translators, proofreaders and language asset management, so we can provide customized solutions to various clients. We have accumulated lots of expertise and experience to provide high-quality translation service to our clients.

Concentrated and Specialized language service provider - We provide concentrated and specialized solutions to give high-quality and professional deliveries.

With the enterprise culture of "Professional, Cooperation, Rigorous, Enthusiastic" and the goal of "linking the world", we combine the language translation experience with the expertise to become a branded translation provider with core competitiveness.

Our Team

Since the foundation, we integrate various translator resources and technical resources persistently, and build a translator team with a hundred members, including senior language translators, patent agents, professors, medical doctors, etc. We not only have solid professional knowledge, but also possess the enthusiasm and persistence in translation.
Concentrated and Specialized
Patent Translation / Medical Translation
Patent Solution

Patent translation owns its unique specialty. The translators have to be familiar with the patent laws and regulations, drafting formats and examination requirements of different countries, in addition to the expertise and excellent translation experience.

Zitong Translation has been dedicated to the patent translation for nearly ten years. We accumulate the knowledge and experience continuously to provide the high-quality patent translation to save your time and lower your cost in filing a patent application and learning the latest patent technologies. We are especially skilled at the translation of microelectronic, electric, mechanical and medical patent documents. Our clients include the famous IP agency "NTD", etc.

Medical Solution
Medical translation is the other strength of our team. We have ready-to-use human resources, including senior medical experts, senior medical translators, medical doctors, etc. to provide high-quality translation service. Our business includes clinical translation, medical device translation and pharmaceutical translation.

Our Philosophy

Professional, Cooperation, Rigorous, Enthusiastic

Our Core Value

Honest, Dependable, United

Our Mission

Seek a Barrier-Free Communication Diligently

Our Vision

To become a leading concentrated and specialized language service provider

Rigorous Translation Workflow
Pre-trans Preparation
Develop a work order by determining the detailed translation demands
Pre-trans Processing
Process the document according to the work order
Translation + Proofreading + Software QC
Translate and proofread the document by eligible translators and proofreaders and then run software QC
DTP + Pre-delivery QC
DTP and comprehensive QC before delivery
Delivery on Time
Deliver the final translation on time
Aftersales Service
Service is endless. We will provide aftersales service support whenever the client needs
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